About Us

Waratah Strata Management is a proud member of Beaumont Property. We joined the group in mid 2023 after ten years under the ownership and management of Robert & Mary-Louise Crosbie. Robert has over 20 years experience as a strata manager, business development manager and owner of two of the largest strata management companies in Sydney and Australia.

As a member of the Beaumont Property Group, we leverage the advantages of being part of a larger organisation, while retaining the boutique feel of a smaller company devoted to providing personalised and professional service to our clients.

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovation in the strata sector. We use the class-leading MRI STRATA Master strata management software to provide accurate, up-to-date recording and reporting of all financial and statutory Owners Corporation information. See “Our Services” for further information on the accounting, reporting and service functions that we provide.

Our office is located near the geographical centre of Sydney, which makes it easy for us to manage properties throughout metropolitan Sydney. Where possible, we use regular contractors located close to each building to improve efficiency and reduce costs. For our clients’ convenience, owners corporation meetings are conducted onsite, in nearby meeting rooms and/or, if desired by owners, via video/telephone link.

Our management fees and disbursement costs are based on fixed/all-inclusive charges, so you know exactly what our annual services will cost your scheme. Unlike many strata managers, we do not charge additional fees for writing letters & emails, issuing work orders, obtaining quotes, etc.

We use the Strata Community Australia (NSW) template management agreement. The management is usually for a two year term and renewed at every second annual general meeting. We aim to retain your business by providing excellent service, not by locking you in to a long term contract.