Each Owners Corporation has its own specific set of by-laws that have been designed to suit the particular requirements of that property and the by-laws may have been amended or added to by the owners since the scheme was registered. It is therefore important that before taking any action in relation to enforcing the by-laws, or carrying out any work to your unit or the common property, that you are aware of the specific by-laws that relate to your property. A copy of your by-laws can be requested by sending an email to enquiry@waratahstrata.com.au.

The Strata Schemes Management Act provides Model By-laws that are used as the basis for most residential, commercial and industrial strata plans. A copy of the current Model By-laws can be obtained using the following link.

Residential Model By-laws – Strata Schemes Management Regulation 2015

Schedule 2 By-Laws for pre-1996 strata schemes

Schedule 3 Model by-laws for residential strata schemes