Our Services

Utilising the Rockend STRATA Master strata management software we maintain all Owners Corporations records in accordance with the Strata Schemes Management Act, Community Land Management Act, and all of the other legislation that impacts on the operation of strata schemes.

For owners of existing buildings who may be considering changing strata managers, we are able to assist with the process of obtaining and comparing multiple quotes; preparing the necessary documents to conduct a general meeting of all owners and attending to the transfer and establishment of all Owners Corporation documents – all at no cost to you.

We are also available to assist developers of new strata properties to prepare draft strata levies budgets that can be used for unit sales and marketing; review and provide advice on draft strata plans and by-laws and conduct all statutory meetings to establish new Owners Corporations. Establishment of multi-staged developments such as Community and Neighbourhood Associations and BMCs is a specialty.

Our services include:

  • Maintenance of detailed records for all lot owners, including email addresses (where provided) so that agendas, minutes, levy notices and general correspondence can be emailed saving photocopying and postage charges.
  • Issuing of quarterly levy notices and collection of strata levies. Efficient procedures are in place to promptly attend to the collection of levies from any owners who fail to pay levies on time. A 10% levy discount is available to owners who pay their levies early, where this option has been approved by the Owners Corporation.
  • Obtaining of quotes and issuing work orders to maintenance contractors. Preferred contractors may be used, or we can provide professional, reliable, insured and licensed contractors that we are happy to recommend based on our previous experience with them.
  • Conducting regular Strata Committee meetings and being in regular contact with Strata Committee members by telephone, email and onsite meetings. It is our view that owners and Strata Committee members should be fully informed about all activity taking place at the property and that it is the role of the Strata Committee to make the decisions on what work is to be done, by whom and when. We are here to provide guidance and advice, but the final decision on how the property is to be managed is made by the Strata Committee or owners.
  • Preparation of the Annual General Meeting agenda, including all statutory motions and any motions that we recommend to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the property. We will also include any motions requested by the owners or Strata Committee. We are able to Chair the meetings to ensure they are conducted in accordance with the Strata or Community Act; allow all owners to have fair input; and are run in a timely and efficient manner. As Treasurer, Waratah Strata Management provides detailed financial reports for all meetings, and as Secretary, records all decisions made and prepare detailed meeting minutes. The functions of Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary can be conducted by the Strata Committee should they wish.
  • We provide comprehensive recommendations and guidance on the issues that impact on the safe operation of the Owners Corporation. Depending on the nature of the property, this may include fire services maintenance and upgrades; lift maintenance and upgrades; work, health and safety inspections; public liability inspections; pest inspections etc.
  • We are able to assist with the placement of all strata insurances to protect the property; the occupants and visitors; and the Strata Committee who are making decisions on behalf of the strata scheme. We promptly attend to all routine and major insurance claims to ensure we fully recover all claimable expenses incurred.

A copy of our Management Agreement includes the full list of services provided and is available upon request and is included with our detailed quote package.