Repairs & Maintenance – Business Hours & After-Hours

Prompt attention to repairs and maintenance of the common property is one of the most important functions of a strata manager.

During Business Hours

(Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm.)

To advise us of repairs or maintenance required to your unit or to common property, email us at enquiry@waratahstrata.com.au or phone us on 9114 9599 for urgent issues.

Tenants: Please refer work requests to your Property Manager or unit owner, who will then forward strata related issues to us for immediate attention.

Subject to any standing instructions of your Owners Corporation and Strata Committee, we will arrange for your regular, or a suitable contractor, to go to the property and either attend to urgent repairs, or provide a quotation. Generally any urgent works such as health and safety issues, security issues, or any works where the cost is covered by your strata insurance policy will be attended to without reference to your Strata Committee. For any works that are non-urgent a quotation will be obtained and referred to the Strata Committee for approval prior to commencement of the works.

Waratah Strata Management has an extensive selection of reliable and qualified contractors to choose from for any type of common property repair, or you can choose your own contractor. We will ensure that all contractors engaged on behalf of a strata scheme are suitably licensed for the work they will be conducting and that they have current Public Liability and Workers Compensation insurance policies in place. If any contractor cannot meet this basic requirement, we will recommend an alternative contractor who does comply. This policy ensures that Owners Corporations have minimal exposure to liability claims in these areas.

Keys – Should you require additional common property keys and security keys contact us by sending an email to enquiry@waratahstrata.com.au

After-Hours Emergency Repairs

(Before 9.00am, After 5.00pm, Weekends and Public Holidays)

For emergency after-hours repairs, please call 1300 730 214. Genuine after-hours emergencies will be attended to as a matter of urgency and either rectified immediately, or made safe and secure until works can be completed during normal business hours.