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Strata management for Apartments in SydneyOur Strata Management Team Provide All Strata Services & Management.

This includes All Commercial, Residential, Industrial, Retail & Mixed-Use Owners Corporations, Community & Neighbourhood Associations & BMC’s Throughout Sydney Markets.

As every strata property is unique, with regard to its common property, history and the way in which the owners wish the property to be managed.

We tailor our service to suit the requirements of each Owners Corporation, its Strata Committee and owners.

Waratah Strata Management provides guidance and advice on all issues that strata owners may encounter and we promptly attend to all maintenance issues and general enquiries.

Sydney Markets Strata Management Services

Utilising the Rockend STRATA Master strata management software we maintain all Owners Corporations records in accordance with the Strata Schemes Management Act, Community Land Management Act, and all of the other legislation that impacts the operation of strata schemes.

For owners of existing buildings who may be considering changing strata managers, we are able to assist with the process of obtaining and comparing multiple quotes; preparing the necessary documents to conduct a general meeting of all owners and attending to the transfer and establishment of all Owners Corporation documents – all at no cost to you.

Assisting New Strata Properties

We are also available to assist developers of new strata properties to prepare draft strata levies budgets that can be used for unit sales and marketing; review and provide advice on draft strata plans and by-laws and conduct all statutory meetings to establish new Owners Corporations. The establishment of multi-staged developments such as Community and Neighbourhood Associations and BMCs is a specialty.  Click Here For Full Details

Repairs & Maintenance – Business Hours & After-Hours

Prompt attention to repairs and maintenance of the common property is one of the most important functions of a strata manager.  Click Here For more information

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