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I first met Robert Crosbie in my capacity of owner of one lot in a strata building and I was immediately impressed with his thorough service with that building.

Since that time, I introduced him to 4 other buildings where I was a part owner of various lots. This included an 8 storey residential block and an 8 storey commercial block. Since I had direct influence on the executive committees of all of the above, I was able to ensure that he was our Strata Manager for all of these buildings.

In my capacity of Structural Engineer I was able to recommend him to manage 4 more strata buildings which he subsequently managed.

In all my involvement with Robert, I found that he has a deep understanding of Strata Law and he has given me very valuable assistance in resolving complex matters pertaining to Strata Management.

Robert’s services as a Strata Manager have always been second to none. He always attends to his duties very promptly and efficiently.

I would strongly recommend him for any matters pertaining to Strata Management.


Dr. Felix Barda



Strata Management Reference for Robert Crosbie

Commercial Portfolio Management (CPM) carryout  the Building Management of the following commercial properties, for which Robert Crosbie was the Strata Manager.

122 Arthur Street, North Sydney – 109 lot office building.

12-14 O’Connell Street, Sydney – 98 lot office building.

73-79 Walker Street, North Sydney – 23 lot office building.

2 Barrack Street, Sydney – 34 lot office building.

Our company is also an owner and occupant in 2 Barrack Street, Sydney, so we also worked closely with Robert as owners and members of the executive committee in the management of this building.

The management of large commercial strata schemes involves the routine maintenance and capital replacement of a wide variety of complex mechanical equipment such as lifts, air-conditioning equipment, fire services, common bathroom facilities, etc. CPM worked closely with Robert and jointly prepared effective long term management plans and detailed budget recommendations to ensure the buildings were always fit to occupy, with minimal disruption to the building occupants.

Robert is very professional and provides prompt, well considered advice to ourselves and the property owners on all strata management issues. Robert has a clear understanding of the most complex issues of strata law, but is also able to provide practical solutions to the usual day-to-day problems encountered in managing a strata building.

We are happy to recommend Robert as an effective, responsive and reliable strata manager.

Yours Sincerely,

Andrew Fusca
Managing Director

Commercial Portfolio Management Pty Ltd
Level 4
2 Barrack Street
SYDNEY   NSW   2000
PH: (02) 9262 3636
FAX: (02) 9262 6163


To whom it may concern.

I have known Mr Robert Crosbie for over 12  years, He was the strata manager for the complex where I have lived since 2000.

The  complex at Huntleys Cove NSW comprises 59 town houses, 2 duplex & 5 free standing dwellings built by Australand P/L & completed in 2000.

As a new strata complex Robert was very helpful & gave advise and assistance to many of the owners who were not familiar with strata living conditions. He also assisted various people and ensured that Australand  P/L promptly attended to warranty and defect issues.

There is also a Community Association which is made up of 13 strata plans. This association is responsible for a community centre, swimming pool, tennis courts, gym & the lawns & gardens which is part of the common area. Robert was the strata manager for this complex as well.

I consider Robert to be an experienced strata manager who provided us with very practical, common sense advice on the best way to deal with a wide range of issues that confronted our Owners Corporation and Community Association.

I have no hesitation in recommending Mr Robert Crosbie to other strata property owners.

E.Peter Michell JP Dip F.S. (Ins Brok)

The Protectors Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd
PO Box 3018 LIVERPOOL, NSW 2170
Tel        9601 0105
Mob      0419 616 014
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